2018 Alabama Tornadoes

Calhoun County

City of Jacksonville

Volume 324,474 CY, 587 leaners & 691 hangers

Personnel 28  Equipment 40

On March 19, 2018 tornadoes struck across a wide area in central east Alabama. KDF was activated on March 26 to begin debris removal operations. KDF was to provide the Operations Manager for the effort as well as debris recovery from ~4,000 ft of Chief Ladiga Trail, a major lightly paved rail-to-trail recreation resource in the area. It was done mostly with hand work, and we had no claims for damage from the effort. One of the ways we avoided damage was using a special protocol for equipment that was used to avoid skid and turn damage. In addition, there were numerous locations where there were high-elevation relief drainage ditches in the easement.

They were typically 25 feet with the highest over 50 ft. Many were very close to personal property lines and structures, so we did much of the work by hand and skid-steer. A total of just under 2 linear miles was cleaned.