Hurricanes Frances, Charley, Ivan, and Jeanne

The 2004 Atlantic hurricane season was the costliest Atlantic hurricane season on record until surpassed by the following year. More than half of the 16 tropical cyclones brushed or struck the United States. Hurricane Charley caused $15.1 billion in damage in the United States alone. Later in August, Hurricane Frances struck the Bahamas and Florida, causing at least 49 deaths and $9.5 billion in damage. The most intense storm, and the one that caused the most damage, was Hurricane Ivan, causing catastrophic destruction on the Gulf Coast of the United States, especially Alabama and Florida. The most significant tropical cyclone in terms of deaths was Hurricane Jeanne. In Haiti, torrential rainfall in the mountainous areas resulted in mudslides and severe flooding, causing at least 3,006 fatalities. Jeanne also struck Florida, inflicting extensive destruction. Overall, the storm caused at least $8.1 billion in damage and 3,042 deaths.

During the 2004 Hurricane season, The KDF team members worked on multi projects, responding to four declared disasters, Frances, Charley, Ivan and Jeanne. Due to the magnitude of debris generated from the 2004 Hurricane Season, KDF’s management staff had to deal with multiple projects at any given time, of which none resulted in any loss of attention to detail. All projects were reimbursed with no loss in funds to the clients.