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Become A Subcontractor 

KDF Enterprise has provided planning, management, equipment and personnel for natural disaster recovery for more than 14 years. And has been regularly selected by federal and local government agencies for emergency response contracts that require rapid mobilization under immediate post disaster conditions. None of this could have been done without the dedication and hard work of our subcontractor and vendor partners around the country.

As a growing disaster recovery and construction company, KDF Enterprise, offers subcontracting and supply opportunities in numerous areas, trades and disciplines. We encourage all suppliers of goods and services to join our approved subcontractors list by applying below.

Corporate Office

370 Mountain View Road
Springville, Alabama 35146

Phone: 205-687-1875

Georgia Satellite Office

310 Tidwell Drive
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004

Phone: 205-687-1875

Texas Satellite Office

1101 West 34th Street. Suite 211
Austin, Texas 78705

Phone: 205-687-1875