With more than 50 years of disaster recovery experience, KDF’s management team has developed an approach for responding to disasters that places it ahead of the industry. This approach governs the daily activities of KDF and is rooted in the following five principles:

  • Responsiveness: We respond with a sense of urgency to satisfy our client's needs.
  • Innovation: We strive to implement creative solutions that wholly satisfy the project's issues.
  • Safety: We define ourselves by the safety of our employees and the communities where we work.
  • Competitiveness: We offer a great value service that balances cost with performance ensuring we complete each project on time and on budget.
  • Ethical: We approach each client and project with the highest regard for ethical standards and place honesty and integrity at the heart of what we do.

By integrating these principles into our process, we have achieved superior results and a highly-regarded reputation within the industry, including local and national government.